Friday, 22 October 2010

Fashion Illustration Research

After experimenting and practicing fashion illustration in the last session I decided to research some fashion illustrations that I liked from some of my fashion illustration books

I really like the illustration below because of how the watercolours subtly suggest the garments colours and how the use of pencil line shows how the top would look

Watercolours and pencil on paper, Molly Grad 2006 from 
Fashion Illustration by Fashion Designers by Laird Borrelli

Although this isn't so much a fashion illustration I decided to include it in my research because I like how her hair has objects in it; this could be used in my fashion illustrations and instead I could use objects that show the inspiration behind my idea, garment or concept

Ink, pencil and Adobe Photoshop, Am I Collective

Pen, ink and photography, Katharina Gschwendtner
I really like the image above because of how it combines photography with illustration; demonstrating the ideas(illustrations) and the actualisation(photograph) in one image

Above two images from Digital Fashion Illustration by Kevin Tallon

All images below from Illustration Now! 3 edited by Julius Wiedermann

Above and below: Pen, ink, Adobe Photoshop and 
Adobe Illustrator, David Despau 2008

Pen, pencil, ink, collage, Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter, Sophie Griotto 2008

Him/Her, book illustration, 2006, D&G, 10th Anniversary Book
Graphite, coloured pencils, paper, lithography prints and Adobe Photoshop, Fumi Nakamura

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