Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Spring Projects: B-side by Hussein Chalayan

B-side: Inertia Moulds

I really liked the moulds used in the making of Hussein Chalayan's Spring Summer 2009 collection, Inertia, because of the flowing shapes they made in the block. I also found it intriguing how such large solid objects could look fluid and in movement through the use of shape and line.

I particularly like the picture above because of how the mould resembles some sort of wet, flowing material. I also like how the depth of the moulds change and how the outline of the moulds moves so fluently


I really enjoyed looking at these three lightboxes because of how the light showed the structure of the garment and the density of the fabrics. I found the way the garments were placed in the boxes to be very clinical in appearance. The use of pull tabs on the edges of the garments and the whiteness of the lights reminded me of when surgery prep is conducted and all the instruments are laid out clean and ready to use and the table is always well-lit and clear.

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